Inform Track: Integrated Teaching and Leadership Development Program for Graduate Teaching Assistants

A team of engineering faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created an integrated teaching and leadership development program in 2016 after realizing the need for both pedagogical training and leadership education for graduate teaching assistants (GTAs).

Board 85: Integrated Engineering Leadership Initiative for Teaching Excellence (iELITE) Year Two: Assessment of Intermediate-Term Outcome for Graduate Teaching Assistant Training

Since the spring of 2017, the Integrated Engineering Leadership Initiative for Teaching Excellence (iELITE) team has been developing and offering a course that seeks to train graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in the College of Engineering.

Improv: Live Coding for Robot Motion Design

Often, people such as educators, artists, and researchers wish to quickly generate robot motion. However, current toolchains for programming robots can be difficult to learn, especially for people without technical training.

Integrative Engineering Leadership Initiative for Teaching Excellence (iELITE)

Beginning in the spring of 2017, a team of engineering faculty, in collaboration with professionals across campus, designed a new teaching and leadership program and successfully offered it as a pilot course for three semesters.

Controlled self-applicable on-line partial evaluation, using strategies

Online partial evaluators are hardly ever self-applicable, because the complexity of deciding whether to residualize terms causes a combinatorial explosion when self-application is attempted. T. Mogensen (1995) has found a way to write a self-applicable online partial evaluator for the $\lambda$-calculus.